Just a line to say I'm enjoying the panchayat show. On a few occasions my whole family could enjoy it together. The rural scenes are like a balm for the mind.

Joe A Scaria
Special Correspondent, Economic Times

A beautiful work. A boost for Decentralised planning. A visual note book/work book to the Social workers and a sign board of women empowerment. Congrats to both of Dooradarsan and C-DIT

Prabhakaran Mekkathil
KSSP, Vilavoorkal

Green Kerala Express- It's a great work which is not ever seen in kerala. Its explains each lsgi's having its own plan and implementation strategies. But most of the lsgi's are not properly explain the quantity of the work done and quantification of the beneficiaries etc. If it is also done it is more attractive and self explanatory. Congrads for the entire team of Dooradarshan and C DIT.

T P Sudhakaran

One of the few programmes I enjoy and have a feeling that my time has been usefully used.

Prof.(Dr.) K.V. Jayakumar, Ph.D (IIT Kanpur)
Executive Director
Centre for Water Resources Development and Management
Kunnamangalam, KOZHIKODE - 673 571

I am a regular viewer of the Green Kerala Express. I am sure that it is a new venture and has contributed much to improve the standards of the TV viewers. Now, go ahed Doordarshan & C-DIT, with this prestigious Reality Show and am sure, the other channels will follow this.

C.S Ajithlal

As for the programme, what an idea sirji ! Its a master stroke. Surely some of the panchayaths I found did not get the due they should have got, but in a competition of this nature, I would wish to ignore them and go ahead. Congrats Green Kerala Express team

Sridhar R,
Thanal, H-3, Jawahar Nagar,
Kawdiar, Thiruvananthapuram - 695003

The programme is really good, though I would hasten a suggestion to have more visuals of the panchayat's activities in the place of prolonged shots of the jury. Presently you are mixing the two far too often which upsets the smooth rythm. Hope the team won't mind a knee-jerk reaction from me.

M K Das

Congrats. All wishes to the programme.

P S Rajasekharan

I would like to prpose to Kurichi Grama Panchayat to clean their Ponds by using Bivalve Technique.Video shows that all the Ponds are Eutrified & huge Algae formation. First remove all the algie & Test the Water quality & find suitable Bivalves to Grow in the Nutrious water. Excellent Result can be seen in months time. Hatch all the Shell fish for later human consumption. After a month Bottom of the pond to be lay & soiled with river sand.

Hope that the brackish water can be cllean to certain grade near to portable & hence they can achive the first panchayat who have water security.

Yours faithfully
K.S.B. Murukesh, B.Tech.(Chemical Engg.),M.S.(Ecological Engg. Japan)

The programme is worth viewing. Congratulations to the entire team. Many of the panchayath members were discussing about the plastic removal and other cleaning of environment.

I humbly suggest that the Kerala panchayaths are fast growing towards municipalities in population density. Many panchayaths are not insisting on sanitation/septic tank requirement before approval of building plans. Still builders are constructing soil observing pit for sanitation purpose. This effected many drinking water sources like open wells and bore wells. No panchayath is having a programme to test the village well water.

Howmany know that their well water is potable or not? I am residing at Karivellur which was awarded as Best Nirmal panchayath, Where the above tests or approval restrictions are not followed. I would like to know from you that regarding essentiality of sanitation/Septic tank and existing well water pollution testing what green kerala can do? Do any panchayath member discussed about this dangerous pollution on the potable water.

One more suggestion many elected members are not well educated and experienced in many development programmes. Now many of the retired technocrafts and scientists are settled in villages. Panchayaths can form an adivisory board among these.


Green Kerala Express is a fantastic show. Me and my sisters are the regular viewers of GKE. Now a days Dooradarshan is promoting more good programs. The anchors presentation was too good compared to other programs. Best wishes for green kerala express

Febini Joseph

Sri K.P. Kannan
Permanent Jury
Green Kerala Express Social Reality Show

Dear Sir,

Kindly recall my telecom with you today morning. I want to know certain things from you and I also want to share my thoughts with you. I am fully aware that you are a very busy person and it will be not easy for you to spare time for me. However, it is my hope that whenever you get some time, you will revert to me.

Sir, I belong to Ottappalam Taluk in Palakkad district. I passed SSLC exam in 1970 and then joined for typing and shorthand course. After passing typing and shorthand I left Kerala. Within one week of my reaching Nasik I got a job as a Stenographer. I did not make a fortune during the last 35 years of my stay in Nasik. Yes, I was able to meet the basic requirements like food, cloth and shelter. In 70s I could not have thought a better way of finding a job, after Matriculation. One option was to migrate elsewhere, to secure a job. And I did that.

Sir, it is not my intention to tell my biography to you. What I want to tell you is about my observation about certain pockets in Kerala, especially rural Kerala.

During my childhood I had seen and experienced poverty. Like many others in our village and surrounding areas I was also born in a farmer’s family. We were able to produce enough to feed us throughout the year. In short, food was not a problem. But, money, hard cash was a problem. And precisely due to this problem I had to discontinue my education after SSLC.

During my childhood I have observed the life of farm labours from very close quarters. Most of the families were joint families. The elders used to toil in the fields of land lords. The children hardly used to attend schools. Those who attend schools, hardly reach High Schools. Till 1975 I haven’t seen a single child from this group (most S.C./S.T./OBCs) passing the SSLC exam. But something else I had observed. Though the children were not getting education they were getting trained in some skilled jobs. By the time they become 18-20 years they were able to earn something for themselves and for their parents. Notwithstanding the fact that the earnings were very meager, they were having some skilled job in their possession.

Later, in the 90s I have seen that the farm labours were getting better wages. After meeting their daily expenses (including expenses on alcoholic drinks) they were left with some cash in hand in the evening. Their children, neither educated nor employed, were dependent on their parents for pocket money. Luckily for them, the parents were having some money to spare for their children. (I believe, this was due to the fact that in the 70s and 80s the public in Kerala practiced family planning, voluntarily and there were only one or two children to take care of). These children used to enjoy their life spending money earned by their parents. Expenses for cinema, alcoholic drinks and other entertainments were met by their parents. They had no skills – they can’t climb a tree and pluck mangoes or jack fruits. They can’t plough the fields. They do not know how to fix a broken water pipe nor do they know how to connect an electrical wire to a fan. This was something painful to watch.

But, for last 7-8 years I have noticed a change in the pattern. Now I do not see such boys in our area. ( I am talking certain pockets of Palakkad and Malappuram districts only; the situation in other districts may be different). They still can’t climb a tree; they can’t plough the fields. But they possess some other skills. Many of them have mastered certain trades like welding, wiring, plumbing etc. These trades have good demand also. Hence, they have become independent. At least some of them have become self employed, as auto owners cum drivers, taxi/jeep owners cum drivers. Some others have gone a step ahead and become small entrepreneurs also.

This is my observation in a limited area, during a limited period.

It is after seeing 50 episodes of Green Kerala Express I realized that Kerala has marched ahead and made developments in many areas. The revolution brought about by the Elappully and Kannadi Panchayats in animal husbandry and diary is an eye opener.

Similarly, the projects undertaken by Vengara Panchayat and Parappanangady Panchayat are also deserve appreciation. I do not wish to enumerate, as you have witnessed everything.

These kind of developments have ensured that Keralites need not to migrate other parts of India, as was the case till 90s. Now we do not see any new face from Kerala arriving in Nasik or for that matter Mumbai, Pune etc. I believe that now only a few people migrate in search of jobs. They skilled IT professionals and they migrate to U.S., Germany etc. via Bangalore or Hyderabad.

Now-a-days we do not see any Kerala girl getting married to non-resident Keralites. Parents prefer boys working in Kerala rather than marrying off their daughters out of Kerala. Kerala has developed to such extent. It is really a matter of pride for any Malayalee.

Green Kerala Express has show-cased the developments taken place in Kerala for last few years. And certainly they are remarkable. I hope, the suggestions and guidance from the Jury members may give a new direction to the Panchayat President and other members and Kerala will reach new heights.

With warm regards,


Dear Green Kerala Express Team,

I congratulate the Kerala Govt, Kerala ministry for local self-government, Hon. Minister Dr. Thomas Isaac, Hon. Minister Shri. Paloly Muhammedkutty, Kerala Suchithwa Mission, Doordershan, C-DIT and the leaders in the various Panchayats in Kerala who made world’s first Social-reality show a ‘New Reality with a Great Message’. This has a great message for Kerala, India and the world that development is easier and feasible from the grass-root level – it is really by the people for the people!

I am a Malayali NRI very much interested in Kerala’s/India’s fast socio-economic development. I watched this programme when I was in Kerala in March 2010. Now I am watching some the episodes as available on Internet.

India is the most complex and diverse county of the world; she has also the largest percentage and largest number of poor people and undernourished children in the world. Only adaptation of the best process for fast, equitable, comprehensive and sustainable socio-economic development through out India simultaneously will help to achieve the FAST development India badly needs.

Best Wishes

Abraham Karammel
Mainz, Germany

Dear GKE,

This is one of the best programmes I have seen in the mini screen. Congratulations and the very best for the future.

I would suggest that while highlighting the panchayats those who do exceptionally well, you also need to identify those with very poor performance and who is most corrupt and give them counselling. There are many panchayats in Kerala where there is no opposition members at all!



Sir/ Madam 

Your program is outstanding and also a major help to those who don’t know much about the activities going on in their surroundings. The way the judges ask questions is tremendous. Presentation is also good.

Thanking You 



Dear Sir/Madam,

I congratulate the Kerala govt, the ministry of Local Self-govt., C-DIT and all organisations and personalities that facilitated India’s first Social Reality Show, the GREEN KERALA EXPRESS (GKE). It proves that development is possible and not that difficult, especially from the local grass-root level. It has a great message for each and every Local Self-govt organisation in India, that development is possible and it is in their hands!

I wish Green Kerala Express great success and a decisive, historical influence on Kerala’s and India’s socio-economic development.

Warm Regards and Best Wishes,

Abraham Karammel
Richard-Wagner-Str. 20
55118 Mainz, Germany


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