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  • The Social Reality Show is a project of Suchitwa Mission, Local Self Government Department, Govt. of Kerala implemented through the C-DIT with the support of Doordarshan Kendra, Trivandrum and Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA), Thrissur.
  • The name of the Social Reality Show (SRS) will be Green Kerala Express (GKE). The GKE will be produced by the C-DIT for the Local Self Government Department (LSGD), Government of Kerala. The Doordarshan Kendra, Thiruvananthapuram (DDK-T), Suchitwa Mission (SM) and Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA) will be the Co-producers of GKE.
  • The SRS will have two components, one for the Rural Local Governments and the other for the Urban Local Governments. It will be conducted separately for the Grama Panchayats and Urban Local Bodies (Corporations & Municipalities together).
  • The SRS has a Coordination Committee (CC-SRS) chaired by the Principal Secretary to Government, LSGD, Government of Kerala and Project Implementing Team (PIT) consisting of Sri. K. Mohan Kumar (C-DIT), Sri. G. Sajan (Doordarshan, Trivandrum) and Executive Director, Suchitwa Mission for facilitating the implementation of the project which is first of its kind and there is no earlier experience of organizing such a show on sustainable development involving Local Self Governments(LSGs). Sri. G. Sajan and Sri. K. Mohan Kumar and associates engaged by them will constitute the Production Team (PT) of the Project.
  • The C-DIT will have a web portal exclusively for the GKE, namely, and invite application from the LSGs for getting enrolled in the show. The SM will coordinate the implementation activity for the LSGD and arrange necessary orders from the government for facilitating the enrolment of LSGs.
  • The LSGs who are willing to enroll will fill up a detailed questionnaire made available through the GKE portal or by the C-DIT and produce a short film on their innovative project/s in any sector which has a linkage to environmental upgradation of the area and contributes to sustainable development. They will submit the short-film in CD and filled-in questionnaire along with a Demand Draft for Rs.10,000/- towards participation fee of the programme.
  • The LSGs who have submitted the following by Feb 28 ,2010 only will be considered for the first round of the competition.
    • Completed Questionnaire
    • CD/Mini DV/DVCAM tape containing Short Film highlighting their most significant achievement/s.
    • Demand Draft of Rs.10,000/-
    • LSGs who have already registered but not yet completed the formalities including video will be considered only if they submit the same by 28th February 2010.
  • The entry of each LSG will be subjected to a preliminary technical scrutiny by a Technical Committee (TC) constituted by the Coordination Committee for Social Reality Show (SRS) constituted by the Government and headed by the Principal Secretary, LSGD, Government of Kerala. The TC will decide about the selection of the theme projected by the LSGs as well as their continuation in the SRS and award mark for the Short Film (Total marks-20).
  • The Filled-in Questionnaire submitted by the LSG will also be evaluated by a Technical Committee for the performance of the LSG as understood from the filled-in questionnaire and other materials and input, if any, and marks awarded (Total marks- 10).
  • The LSGs selected at the preliminary stage will be visited by a Production Team (PT) who will make a short film based on the documentaries sent by the LSGs.
  • The selected LSGs will be invited to present their projects in front of a Jury on the floor of the SRS.
  • A five member Jury will be constituted for each of the show. It will consists of two regular jury (one male & one female), two technical jury and one guest jury. The regular jury will be constituted with experts in the field of sustainable and social development, technical jury in the field of sectoral development and environment and guest jury will be a celebrity personality from the field of art, cinema etc.
  • On the SRS floor, a five member team representing the LSG will be present the case in front of the jury. The team will be constituted by the LSGs with at least two women in the team. The members of the team shall be elected representatives or officials of the respective LSG or experts assisting the LSG who are residing or working within the LSG.
  • The film made by the LSG will be screened in front of the jury along with a short profile of the LSG and a four minute video prepared by the production team which has visited the LSG.
  • Based on the presentations and films the jury will interact with the LSG representatives and award marks which will be announced at the SRS floor itself. The criteria for awarding marks will be as follows:

  • Jury
    1. Regular Jury I 15
    2. Regular Jury II 15
    3. Guest Jury 10
    4. Technical Jury I 10
    5. Technical Jury II 10
    Total 60
  • Each Regular Jury will consider the following criteria for awarding their allotted 15 marks.
    1. Concept & innovativeness of the project- 3 marks
    2. Processes- Implementation & output utility & utilization- 7 marks
    (Consider DPR, tech input, implementation committee, participation etc)
    3. Monitoring process, Evaluation criteria & sustainability, outcome- 5 marks
  • The Technical Jury will examine the technical content of the project in terms of technology used, technical expertise gathered, explicit & implicit environmental impacts, environmental management measures adopted, technological & resource sustainability etc. They shall use the following criteria for awarding the marks
    1. Ensuring scientific & technical quality - 5 marks
    2. Effort for safeguarding environment& measures for environmental management - 2 marks
    3. Measures for ensuring technological and resource sustainability- 3 marks
  • The Guest Jury will examine the beauty of the project and presentation and use the following criteria for awarding the marks
    1. Consideration for aesthetics in the project- 2 marks
    2. Confidence, integrity & commitment of the team- 5 marks
    3. Thoroughness in presentation & responses- 3 marks
  • Each LSG will get a maximum of 35 minutes for the presentation and responding to the Jury including the screening time for short films. Extended time will be provided, if extremely essential for evaluation, subject to the decision of the Jury & Director of the episode.
  • The telecast time for the show of each LSG will be a maximum of 12 minutes which will include the presentation, profile and the four minute video prepared by the production team, responses to the Jury and comments and concluding remarks of the Jury. .
  • After each telecast SMS based evaluation will be invited from the viewers on the performance of each LSG for 7 days from the date of telecast on the respective LSG (Total marks 10). Average mark obtained from SMS will be considered while finalizing the overall mark.
  • Total marks will be counted out of 100 and will be compiled before the elimination round. The LSGs who get the first 15 ranks will be selected for the second round in the case of Rural LSGs. The number of Urban LSGs to be selected for the final round will be decided by the CC-SRS before their evaluation.
  • In the second round, the selected LSGs will be evaluated based on their achievements in all major developmental sector and the first, second and third LSG will be selected for awards. A detailed guideline for the conduct of second round evaluation will be issued separately.

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